Multi-Factor Authentication Vs Two-Factor Authentication

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multi-factor vs two-factor authentication

The present information technology era has been perceiving rising and severe cyber-attacks, especially security and data breaches. Weak and stolen credentials & passwords may be seen as one of the prime reasons behind most of the intrusion and data breaches. Thus, it generated the need of either replacing or making the passwords based authentication more […]

What to Choose: Multi-Factor Authentication or Single Sign-on?

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MFA or Single sign-on

Rising incidents of security and data breach, owing to heavy reliance on single-factor authentication i.e. password based authentication only, led organizations to think and enhance the security of their valuable assets using better and stronger security solution. When it comes to improving and upgrading the security of system and applications, the two names that instantly […]

Twitter to support third-party 2FA apps

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Twitter to support third party 2FA apps

Security of valuable and vulnerable online available business and user’s data should be the utmost priority for the organizations. Recently, Twitter announced the approval of leveraging third party applications to support two-factor authentication (2FA) in strengthening Twitter’s users account security. Twitter announcement to support third-party 2FA apps may be seen as a major update in […]

Uber revealed an year old massive data breach

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Uber's Massive Data Breach

Nowadays, Cyber-attacks have become a common phenomenon of our daily life. From individual user to business tycoons & tech giants, all are threatened and affected by these cyber-attacks. Last month, on 21st November 2017, we all came across the horrifying news of Uber’s disclosure over massive data breach, occurred last year. As acknowledged by the […]

Two Factor Authentication for Web Apps

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Two Factor Authentication

Penetration of internet in each & every corner of the world along with the availability of useful and productive web application and service is not less than a blessing for a mankind. However, this blessing may soon turn into bane, if the lone passwords are consistently considered for securing and protecting the web accounts. Web […]

Two Factor Authentication for Windows Login Security

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2FA for Windows Login

As per the Verizon’s 2016 report published over data breach investigation, user credentials were the prime targets of hackers/attackers. Further, 63% of data breaches were occurred primarily due to password vulnerabilities and theft.   Cracking and stealing passwords of an average user using a multitude of approaches & tools is not less than a piece […]

Tips for Using Two Factor Authentication Method

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Tips for using two factor authentication

The problem associated with password-based logins With increase in the number of malicious attacks like brute force, phishing, dictionary attacks, keystroke logging, etc., over the Internet, using just a single authentication factor; the password, is not something you can rely on to get better protection against these kinds of attacks. You need to approach something […]

In present era of digitization, the government institutions are adopting the latest technological standards and converting their services online for making the access easier to the users. These institutions have websites, servers and highly sensitive data available in the cloud for simplifying the access. Security of these digital assets is must, as hacking incidents have […]

Top Reasons Why Linux Server Needs 2FA

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Linux is a secure and an open source OS (Operating System). Jack Wallen, a technical writer cum security expert, predicts that the market share of Linux server will cross 5% by the end of year 2017. With this increased market share in the coming days, it is obvious that the security risks, hacking incidents and […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Enable Two-Factor Authentication

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA is the most trending security method nowadays. Traditional authentication method or the password-only verification method, i.e. 1FA (One-Factor Authentication), is no longer a secure way. Besides, According to Key findings from the Global State of Information Security® survey of 2017, there has been a 38% increase in the instances of phishing scams and […]

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