Passwords have consistently proven to be soft targets for hackers and crackers and are no longer efficient toensure safe and secure logins to web app and services.

Upgrade your web applications security
with 2FA- best and optimized solution to ensure safe & secure logins.

2FA Security for Web Apps & Services

Two-factor authentication adds a second authentication layer to existing password-based logins to verify and validate user’s credibility through uniquely generated security tokens.


Prevents & Protects from Malicious Attack


Cross-check and Confirms User Identity


Secure login via multiple devices; desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets


Security Token based User Authorization

REVE Secure 2FA Solution for Web Applications


REVE Secure 2FA solution ensures complete protection of your users/customer’s login & secure access to your web apps & services, irrespective of devices used. It enhances the web security with dual factors -password and security token to verify and validate the user’s login authenticity.

REVE Secure 2FA Working


REVE Secure Impeccable Features

Token-Based Authentication

Token Based Authentication

Additional authentication layer via security tokens, generated at authorized user’s end each time, to gain and ensure safe and secure login & access to websites/web apps.

Swift-&-Distinctive Token Generation

Swift & Distinctive Token Generation

Quick and unique token generation, each time for getting login to different web applications.


Prevents & Restricts Unauthorized Access

Effectively strikes out and block the unauthorized login attempts, made using passwords.


Scalable & Reliable

Easily and highly scalable to meet dynamic and increasing requirements without compromising the performance.



Supports & compatible with multitude of platforms, operating systems, software applications and devices



Intuitive features with excellent user-interface for learning, understanding, installing, using and managing the product.

How to Integrate REVE Secure 2FA with Web Apps and Services?

Reve Secure 2FA application is easy to integrate with all different web applications and services.

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